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Metal Muzic Society X

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Liv Cavington 2020 Christmas Cards For Cancer

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Cards.

Each year Metal Muzic Society X will try and do our part in fighting cancer. Each year Liv Cavington, Kris Michael & Tiffany Strickland will each contribute to this cause. $20.00 per sale will be used to purchase some merchandise from the "Stand up & Shout" foundation. The merchandise will be given away at some of the concert events and other music charitable causes.. Each pack of Christmas cards contains 25 cards. Help us do our part

Liv Cavington Christmas Cards
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​Metal Muzic Society X Holiday Cards Combo Pack

Can't decide which cards you want get all of them in a 30 pack combo set. Liv, Tiffany and Kris

30 Pack Holiday Cards Combo Set
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For Individual Calendars, Photo Books, Apparel, Posters, and other items please go to Metal Muzic Society X Store. From all of us, a big and sincere thank you for all of the support

A personal message from tiffany Strickland

For those of you who wish to order multiple items from our website, please email me your intended order at [email protected] I will put your package together and direct you to the VIP & Layaway section. This will avoid you being charged unnecessary postage fee's.