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Metal Muzic Society X

For The Fans, By The Fans


​Metal Muzic Society X Productions & Publication

.There was a time when a format and platform was in place for a band to make the big stage. Make an album, perform where ever you could get a venue to give you a stage, get on your local radio station, make a video for MTV, get on the road with a national act. Metal Muzic Society X, was started to be a publication with the goal of giving bands another platform and it was soon realized that a publication alone, based solely on the music alone, could not accomplish anything for a band, so the production, came to mind. Metal Muzic Society X is a full-on production that concentrates on the great music of Rock & metal, and also participating and enhancing the live free spirit of the lifestyle of metal. It is our goal to give the bands a great outside of the box thinking marketing and production. We are not exclusive to the top national acts, we are always in search of some of the best up and coming ats as well, and giving light and a new stage to some of the veteran national acts, that made the table for today