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Metal Muzic Society X

For The Fans, By The Fans


Kris Michael "Art & Image Director"

All of our tee shirts are made possible by Kris Michael, her keen eye and knowledge of the Metal world has proven time and time again, to be priceless. Kris is one of the co-founders of Metal Muzic Society X, she not only participates in the artwork, but she is also one of the greatest ambassadors and assets to the Metal world. She has been to many shows for us, she is a contributor on the board. Kris Michael is the heartbeat and soul of the lifestyles of Metal Muzic Society X.

Ryan Krieger

Ryan is the heart and soul of the Metal Muzic Society X magazine. She is the main writer and fact-checker and architect of the publication. Olivia, Raven & Chloe, maybe the ones who are interviewing and writing the articles, but the design and zeal of the magazine is all Ryan. Ryan also participates at our shows, she will often be at our merchandise table, she not only will be making a sale, but she is also getting some of the most valuable information possible "What is it, that the fans want". Behind every great writer, there is a better senior writer, and Ryan is that person

Motown Robert

Motown has been the nucleus of our decision to change from publication to production. A hearty name as a Bassist in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for such great acts as Little Green Men & Hillbilly Orchestra. Motown in the architect for the Metal Muzic Society X Rock & Pub Crawl, and is one of the main writers for the magazine

Tiffany Strickland

Tiffany is the business administrator of Metal Muzic Society X, and she is also the director of the calendar project. Tiffany has been so much more than the behind the scenes person that she started as. On many occasions, she has stepped up when we needed her. She has jumped on a plane, flown to Denver to work a show with Kris Michael when we had too many bands to cover in the calendars last year, she stepped up for us. Working the front and the back of the scene, Tiffany has gained so much knowledge and put it to use for us