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Metal Muzic Society X

For The Fans, By The Fans


​The Metal Muzic Society X Calendar Project

Every year in August Metal Muzic Society X Maiden Olivia will participate in a photoshoot for her yearly Rock & Metal calendar. She will be shooting a PG-rated FHM/Maxim style shoot for each page. On these pages, this Maiden will be representing some of the top national act bands & some of the top up and coming acts. This calendar is not exclusive to national acts alone for the Rock to Power Metal genre. Not only will the bands receive great recognition, but they also receive many other benefits as well. They will be featured in our yearly magazine publication, for the up and coming acts, they are also booked as the second act "Opening Act" on our Rock & Pub Crawl tours. , which also represents other bands who are part of the Calendar project. There are so many benefits in being a part of this production

Reaping the benefits

There are far more advantages in this production than just being represented with beauty, style, and attitude in this calendar production. When you purchase your spot on her calendar, you become part of a marketing coalition. When the  COVID pandemic ends, Metal Muzic Society X will resume our plans for a Rock & Metal Pub Crawl tour. Plus all bands will be featured in our 2021 magazine, all interviews will be done via video chat by Olivia herself. For all of you Podcast's owners, your support will be greeted by a video chat with Olivia, on your Podcast. For music stores, we have a very special treat. Olivia will be participating in a guitar clinic tour, along with former Savatage guitarist and currently with Trans Siberian Orchestra guitarist Chris Caffery, when the tour plans kick in when we choose the locations, those stores who support this project will get the first offers, over locations that did not participate. So send us your clothing, or send us your logo and be a part of the production

Bands, Podcast's, Radio Stations, Music Stores & Venue Ads

The 2021 Rock & Metal calendar (Featuring Olivia Cavington) is an 18 X 24 two-section calendar. The top page will feature a breathtaking full-color photo of Olivia featuring top national acts such as Anvil, Metal Church, Abysmal Dawn. Rough Cutt. The bottom page will feature an artistic boundary-breaking black & white photo with the calendar date. On the side will be seven ad-block. Each block is $25.00, these blocks are reserved for Rock & Metal bands, and businesses that support the rock and metal music and lifestyle scene, such as podcasts, venues that host concerts, Head shops, radio stations, music stores. All of these businesses have two options to market. If they have a tee or tank, Olivia will represent these businesses or bands by modeling in their clothing the same way she will be modeling for the national acts with a tee or tank top, with a lingerie bottom. A sexy FHM/Maxim style shot with the bands or business's clothing. If the band or business does not wish to have Olivia model in their clothing, the band or business may simply email us the artwork to print for them.

​January - Abysmal Dawn

If your band is a Death or Power Metal band, then January is the month you want Olivia representing your band. Abysmal Dawn is a high powered Death Metal band with a fast-growing audience. So if you would like Olivia to model in your tee or tank, or purchase an ad for this page please email us at [email protected], for shipping your clothing information or to send us our logo

January-Abysmal Dawn
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One of the most respected and revered bands of all time. A product of Johnny Z, along with Metallica & Anthrax. Anvil shot into the scene in the early '80s. It appeared that they were at the end until a documentary thrusted them back into the scene and they have not looked back since. One of the greatest hard rock to hit the scene. With a new album, and most definitely a new tour coming, they are sure to have a successful year. So if your band is Heavy Metal or thrash and you would like to be represented by Olivia along with these legends, then February is the month for you. For shipping us your clothing information or to send us a logo, please email s at [email protected]

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