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Metal Muzic Society X

For The Fans, By The Fans


​Metal Muzic Society X Publication

The Metal Muzic Society X magazine will be published once a year in November. The magazine will feature some of the top acts in the world of Rock & Metal music, along with some of the top up and coming acts. The magazine also features many lifestyle topics such and the ink world, cannabis culture, and many other lifestyle topics. The magazine will be truthful, respectful, fun, and entertaining, the magazine will be available throughout the year. The writers of the magazine will add charisma and character to all articles. The articles and stories in the magazine, and the way the interviews will be conducted, it will be more like a conversation with the reader as opposed to making the reader buy into the writers narrative

A Message from Olivia

It was our goal and intention to write this publication on the road, at shows, with the fans, but because of the COVID Pandemic, we have been forced to change many plans. Raven, Chloe, and I are doing interviews by SKYPE, Video Chating, and phone. This pandemic will end, and when it does, we will resume our full plans and intentions