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March 15, 2019

​If you've seen the plethora of music videos and live performances of any metal bands, you notice the crowd appears to be the same every time. People drenched in black clothing sweaty, dudes with long hair, bodies in the air & mosh pits. You may notice by talking to various fans and critics in the scene they all have different versions of what metal music is. Let's be real,if you read one book, you think you know everything, if you read two books, you find out you know nothing. Familiar with that saying? Your best bet is to read 1,000 books to find the truth, only to realize you've learned so little

Michael Shenker:The Player and the Man by Chris Hager

January 15, 2019

​Hey everyone! let me first by stating that Michael Shenker is far ans away my biggest influence as a guitarist. And although he wasn't my initial influence, once I was introduced to early UFO, everything changed for me. I wore out copies of albums such as Obsession, Strangers in the Night, MSG1 & 2...It's hard to overstate the impact Michael's illustrious career has had on me and my career, and countless player and fans alike.

AVATAR ... Stealing the SHOW!

February 14, 2019

Avatar, five members total, formed in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2001, the Swedish heavy metal band with a total of seven albums show no hint or evidence of stopping anytime soon. The band has conducted seven tours supporting and headlining acts such as Lucuna Coil, Sevendust, Mushroomhead, Avenged Sevenfold, Five Finger Death Punch. They're becoming more popular and well known in the States. They're currently on tour for their latest album release called Avatar Country.

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amon amarth

Amon Amarth

January 15, 2019

Amon Amarth arrives as a powerful storm which devours ships and brings cities to its knees. Their undeniable story-telling, lead guitars, death metal vocals and heavy bass will conquer and destroy. Oh! One thing I forgot to mention, they're fucking Vikings. Singing songs of Viking mythology and history, the instrumentals and vocals together will make you feel you're sailing the seas with these Vikings and causing havoc alongside them. The music will make your blood rush.

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amon amarth

Sin Circus & Edge Of Paradise

May 10, 2019

Two of the four bands that we will be supporting & featuring a lot in the days and weeks to follow are Sin Circus & Edge of Paradise. Both bands are very young, but well seasoned. They give the hard 

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